Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Longer in Med School!

Which means it's TIME FOR A NEW & IMPROVED BLOG!

NAME CONTEST: Please send your ideas for a new name (winner will receive compensation via 30 min phone nutrition or lifestyle consultation)

Part of what has limited the number of posts here has been finding the time to make dedicated cooking videos and type the new recipes I create (OK, and I'm not super tech-savvy, so it takes awhile to get all of this to work in blog format) amidst an already packed schedule.

1) It's time to expand the blog to encompass the other things I spend time doing.  The new blog will still have cooking videos and recipes, but will now include a mix of whatever health and lifestyle projects I'm working on.  Consider it a walk alongside a nutrition specialist, chef, internal medicine resident, physical activity fanatic, and primary care and health care access advocate.  Don't worry - if you're only interested in cooking and recipes, I'll organize the blog in a way that is easy to find the topics/sections that you want.

2) I will highlight the work of others as it relates to the topics the blog covers.

3) So, back to my lack of technological savvy - if there is anyone out there who wants to practice their blogging skills, I would be happy to take on a production and/or writing assistant.  This would be ideal for someone wanting an outlet to practice these skills or who wants to exchange these skills for any expertise or advice I can offer (i.e. this would be perfect for a pre-medical or undergrad student who wants assistance with the medical school process and a project that highlights their interest in the field).

Stay tuned!  The new blog address and name will be posted soon!